Get Some Really Special Birthday Candles!

Your birthday party should be different! Make it special with a really unique candle on your birthday cake!

Never have a boring birthday party again! - we have the cure for that right here.

Lotus Candles™ are simply amazing. Instead of lighting up a bunch of plain old candles one by one, you just stick one (or two, or three!) Lotus Candles in the middle of your cake, or on any flat surface, and apply a match or lighter to the center of the candle.

What happens next will delight you and everyone else: a shower of sparks shoots upwards, the candle petals open up like a flower, and all the candles on each of the petals light up (two circles of candles, 14 candles total!). Then the candles start rotating AND start playing the Happy Birthday tune! You really have to see and hear it to believe it!

So what are you waiting for??

Order your Lotus Candles online now!

Lotus Candles - As Seen on TV! Lotus Candles - As Seen on CNN! Lotus Candles - As Seen on Fox News! Lotus Candles - As Seen on Food Network!

America's Favorite Birthday Candle Since 2011.


We love to hear back from our customers, and we've been getting some rave reviews! Here is a sampling of the emails & comments we received:

From Arlene G, Las Vegas, NV

Just placed an order for 6 pieces of candles... It was a pleasure doing business with you and your candles sure makes birthday party fun!

From Mary M, Hartford, CT

I love these candles! They made such a great impression at my 6 year old's party! I'm getting 3 more boxes now for my friends upcoming parties :-)

From Jeff B, San Diego, CA

Lotus candles are great. It's amazing something so inexpensive can bring so much fun. They really made the party happen.

From Aiza R, Des Moines, IA

Hellooo, thank u so much for the super fast shipping. The candles were really super duper amazing! I will order more soon :) :) :)

From Pamela B, St Louis, MO

These are fabulous - a huge hit wherever you take them no one can believe their eyes.

From Danielle V, Rochester, NY

I ordered a 3 pack after seeing this and they came the day before my daughters birthday. I was skeptical. It worked!!!! And everyone is amazed!!! I posted it on Facebook. Now everyone wants to know where I got them!!! I'm going to order more LOVE them!!!!

From Kellie G-A, Hollywood, FL

I highly recommend it. My daughter and the rest of the guests were so ecstatic when we lit it. It will be the talk of the party.

From Yovonne R, Kissimmee, FL

We had a party last night, it was a hit!... I'm 71 years and I was so excited about your candles I wish you could see me, I was like a little girl, thanks for that, God Bless :-)

From Kelly A, St Louis, MO

Lotus Candle was a BIG hit!!! Grandma needed a lil help blowing all those candles out and her great grandsons were more than happy to help!!! Thank you!

From Anette B, Missouri City, TX

These candles are amazing. A real show stopper!! Thank you.

From Ed B, San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to tell you that the Lotus Candle was a hit at my Dad’s 85th birthday celebration in San Francisco. We certainly had everyone’s attention in the restaurant! It made his birthday visit a memorable one!

From Patty R, Louisville, KY

I bought some and they are great we put them on my mother-in-laws cake for her 94th birthday. Very cute

From Kristi E, Farmington, MN

Just as described...Super fast shipping...Thank you!!

From Carla M, Cleveland, OH

I got these and they are the most cool candles I have and will ever see in my life!

From Marjorie and Roger P, Homosassa, FL

Love the Lotus candles. They always make a big hit. Thank YOU

Why you should buy from us

Birthday parties are important - they only come once a year! Beware of imitations. Here's why you should go with us, not with some cheap knockoff competitor:

  • Lotus Candles are guaranteed high quality. We have evaluated dozens of factories to find suppliers that can meet our exacting quality standards. (Our factory has passed ISO9001 and CE certification standards).

  • Our candles open up into two layers of petals with 14 mini-candles in total. Most of the competition offers a cheap candle with a single layer of petals (7 - 9 candles only).

  • Our competitors cut costs by offering candles that often melt and burn through the petals, with wax/plastic dripping onto the cake below. Ours won't do that!

  • We offer fast free shipping by USPS First Class or Priority from Texas, reaching anywhere in the USA in a few days time in most cases.

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