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Before contacting us, please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. Your question has probably already been answered here.

If your question is not already answered below, please contact our customer support at service@lotuscandles.com. If you are contacting us regarding an order you placed, please make sure to supply us with the receipt number from the receipt we emailed you after placing your order. We need this to look up your order information.

• Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase?

No, you certainly don't. We use PayPal as our payment processing service, but they also accept all major credit and debit cards (they call it "guest checkout"). Just choose the option on the PayPal checkout form to pay with a debit or credit card before you check out.

• I'm having problems checking out with PayPal / PayPal is rejecting my debit/credit card

Most such issues can be cleared up simply by retrying using a different web browser or computer. If PayPal rejects your credit/debit card, you may also want to ensure that your card is valid, and, in the case of a credit card, below your credit limit.

If you are still having issues, contact us for alternative ordering options.

• I'm from outside the USA and would like to order Lotus Candles. Can I do that?

In most cases, yes! We ship Lotus Candles to dozens of countries worldwide besides the USA - and with Free Shipping too! To place orders shipping to addresses outside the USA, go here.

Please note: There is a minimum order of 6 candles (2 packs of three) for orders shipping to addresses outside the USA to qualify for Free Shipping. Any international orders for a single pack of 3 candles will incur a $20 additional shipping charge ($15 for Canada).

Note that we consider Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, and US military addresses overseas to be USA addresses as far as mailing is concerned. To deliver to any of these locations, just place your order on the USA order page in the usual way. Free shipping also applies to all these locations as with all USA orders.

• Are these candles reusable? / Can they be refilled? / etc.

No, they are one time use.

• Do you have any candles that don't play music / play some other tune?

No, all our candles play the Happy Birthday tune. They're birthday candles!

• What is the shelf life / lifetime of the candles? How long can I keep them after purchase without using them?

We generally recommend you use them within around 12 months or so. The candles will most likely continue working well after that, although over a long time the Happy Birthday tune may get fainter or less distinct. The candles keep better if they are not stored in very hot or cold conditions. Room temperature is fine.

• When will my order be delivered? / How fast do you ship? / Will I get my order by date X?

As described on the order page we ship all orders through the post office (USPS). 3 candle orders go out via USPS first class mail. Larger orders (6,9,12 etc.) go out via USPS priority. We ship most orders from our end within 1 business day, meaning we usually give them to the post office within 1 business day.

First class mail and priority mail are NOT guaranteed delivery date services. In other words, the post office won't guarantee you'll get your package by any particular date (so neither can we). However they USUALLY take a few business days to arrive. In our experience, around 3-4 business days for first class, and 2-3 business days for priority.

These times are only estimates. Most of the time the post office delivers pretty fast, but sometimes they do have delays. We advise ordering your candles well ahead of your birthdays so that you won't have to worry too much about the small possibility of mailing delays. When delays do occur, our experience is that they tend to affect first class more than priority.

We advise that you check the post office website or call them at 1-800-ASK-USPS if you have any further questions on first class mail or priority mail.

• Do you offer any expedited/overnight/faster shipping? I can pay more for it.

As described above, shipping speed depends on how many candles you order. If you're on a tight deadline and are willing to pay more, we really suggest you consider ordering more candles (6 or more), since we ship orders of 6 or more candles by USPS priority. USPS priority usually goes through faster than first class mail, and seems to be less susceptible to post office delays if there are any of those going on. And you end up with more candles! But it's certainly not overnight. As noted above, it usually takes 2 - 3 business days.

It's also a good idea to use birthday reminder services such as ReminderExpress.com to make sure you're never caught at the last minute with no time to order. ReminderExpress.com will send you an email reminder up to 14 days before any birthday you wish to remember - plenty of time to order Lotus Candles, birthday cakes, etc.!

• Has my order shipped? / Where is my order? / Will I get a tracking number?

We provide a tracking number for all our orders when they ship. As described on the order page we ship most orders from our end within 1 business day, meaning we usually give them to the post office within 1 business day. If you don't see an email with your tracking number within 1-2 business days after ordering, please check your junk/spam folder. If it's not there, you probably made a typo in the email address you gave us when you ordered.

• I checked the tracking and it's past the expected date for delivery. What's going on?

The post office is attaching an expected date to tracking numbers these days, showing their estimate of when packages will be delivered. This is just an estimate their system generates. It is NOT a guaranteed date for delivery and tends to be pretty inaccurate in our experience. Many times the post office will miss this estimate, especially if they have any internal or weather-related delays going on. You should not pay much attention to it really.

From the post office's own words (click the ? icon next to the expected delivery date on your tracking page to see): "Expected Delivery Day is the estimated delivery day based on the origin and destination of your package. Delivery on a specific day is not guaranteed."

• I checked the tracking and it's stuck / not updating for several days. What's going on?

Sometimes tracking info indeed doesn't update as the package moves through the mailing system. This seems to be a technical glitch on the part of the post office and does not necessarily mean the package is delayed. Quite often we see orders go through with no scans at all after shipment until the package is delivered.

• I made a mistake in my mailing address. Can you fix it?

We can, but only if you contact us BEFORE we ship your order. See below for our email address. Once your order ships, there is nothing we can do at our end unless the post office later returns your mail to us as undeliverable (see next question).

You are responsible for giving us the correct mailing address when you order, since we have no way of knowing at our end whether the address we are given is valid or not. We will ship to the address exactly as supplied to us when you order, so it is important to check that your mailing address is correct when ordering. If you are ordering through PayPal and using the address in your PayPal account, please make sure that address is accurate and up to date.

• I made a mistake in my mailing address and my order has shipped. What now?

Please understand that there is nothing we can do to change an address on an order which has already shipped. Once orders ship, they are in the custody of the post office, not ours. If you received a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number, this means that the order has already shipped and cannot be changed or recalled in any way.

If you ship to an invalid address, the post office may be able to forward your mail to you if you have mail forwarding correctly set up with them. If not, they may return your mail to us as undeliverable. This process can take a long time - several weeks or more in many cases - and is not guaranteed (sometimes they never return undeliverable packages). We have no control over it ourselves.

If your tracking information indicates your package was returned to us (it will have final delivery in the same zip code where the package started out), please contact us so we can make arrangements for resending it. Please note that resending will cost a small additional fee which customers are responsible for paying. This fee is necessary because the post office does not refund us our original mailing costs for returned orders. The fee is currently $5.25 for 3 candle orders, and higher for larger orders.

Returned packages are not eligible for refunds since we cannot resell candles that have been through the mailing system to other customers.

Returned packages will be discarded by our warehouse if still unclaimed after 90 days from the original mailing date.

• My tracking info says my package was delivered, but I haven't received it.

This shouldn't happen. If you really are in this situation, we advise you contact your local post office or mail carrier for an explanation of why they're claiming they delivered your package. Once we mail out packages, the post office is responsible for making sure customers get them, assuming you put down your correct address on your order. If you're not sure how to reach your local post office, you can call the general USPS number at 1-800-ASK-USPS.

Please remember that you are responsible for providing the correct address to us when you order, as well as a secure location at that address where you can retrieve your mail. You might also want to look around to see if the mailman left the package somewhere unexpected, or left a notice of attempted delivery. Perhaps someone else might have accepted the package on your behalf or it might have gone to one of your neighbors; if you live in a condo or apartment complex, your package could also be at the front desk or leasing office.

• Do you have any other colors?

The colors we do have for sale are as noted on our website. If you don't see it there, it's either out of stock, or we don't carry it. From time to time, we may have other colors in stock. We advise that you sign up to our newsletter to keep track of this. We usually put a notice there if we have any new colors available.

• Can you change the colors in my order after I placed my order?

Sometimes. Your order may already have shipped by the time you contact us about this - we ship out frequently to minimize mailing time delays. If your order has already shipped by the time you contact us, we will not be able to make any changes.

• Can you call me / Can I call you?

To keep costs low for the benefit of all our customers, we provide support by email only. Our support center is not equipped to receive incoming calls or make outgoing ones. If your question is not already answered in our FAQ, please contact our customer support at the email address below.

• How can I keep track of Lotus Candles announcements?

To keep track of news and announcements, we suggest you sign up to our newsletter. We don't send out many newsletters, so don't worry about receiving too many emails. Perhaps once or twice a month or so. You can easily unsubscribe anytime after you sign up if you wish.

If you haven't found an answer to your question in our FAQ please contact our customer support at service@lotuscandles.com. When contacting us regarding an order you placed, please make sure to supply us with the receipt number from the receipt we emailed you after placing your order. We need this to look up your order information.

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